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Vision Statement/Mission Statement

American Eurocopter LLC

Bell Helicopter TEXTRON

Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company


Triumph Aerostructures - Vought Aircraft Division

Partner Members

Arlington Chamber of Commerce

Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce

NanoMaterials Design & Commercialization Center

Texas Manufacturing Assistance Center

Workforce Solutions for Tarrant County

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Judy Bell

Workforce Solutions for
Tarrant County

1320 S. University Drive
Fort Worth, TX 76107


To be the regional center of excellence in meeting the education and workforce needs of the Aerospace/Manufacturing industry.

Key Accomplishments to date

  • 1,352 workers have received high-tech training through the Community Learning Center for careers in aerospace manufacturing
  • Over 200 educators, aerospace industry leaders, workforce development professionals, chamber staff and students participated in two education engagement events
  • Over 30,000 “Gotta Jet?” brochures have been distributed to students, teachers, career counselors, parents and GO Centers throughout the region
  • Received a $1.025 million grant from the State of Texas for meeting critical industry needs in May 2007. The two-year grant will:

    1. Complete an entry-level training curriculum for aerospace manufacturing
    2. Pilot the training with three classes of 20 students each
    3. Make the training available through other providers statewide
    4. Expand the “Gotta Jet?” aerospace manufacturing awareness program to all school districts served by the Education Service Areas 10 and 11
    5. Develop a model mentoring program for engineering students at the University of Texas at Arlington
    6. Launch Project Lead the Way, a pre-engineering program at Western Hills High School in the Fort Worth Independent School District
  • Created the first Career Technology Education (CTE) Directors' Advisory Committee as the result of the successful Aerospace Manufacturing Training Program (AMTP), to develop curriculum that is consistent across district and county lines. Partnering with industry members, with the support of workforce and education, the committee developed a high-tech, quality AMTP curriculum for adults, and the curriculum was transitioned into several CTE programs in the region. The CTE Directors' Advisory Committee includes representatives from sixteen school districts, Fort Worth Chamber, Region XI Service Center and Workforce Solutions for Tarrant County.

The AMTP curriculum was developed directly from aerospace industry training courseware, which was the direct result of collaboration between Lockheed Martin, Bell Helicopter TEXTRON and Vought Aircraft. This unique approach will allow delivery of training, based on direct industry standards, for school district Career and Technology department programs. This type of industry specific training will allow future workforce students and entry level workers access to the latest technologies in the aerospace and manufacturing.

Steve Braswell, Manager of Manufacturing Training
Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company

In addition, industry representatives participated in the Career Insight Forum for counselors and career investigation educators.

The “Gotta Jet?” program was featured at the National Association of Workforce Boards' Innovations Showcase and is posted on the Workforce3 One web site, which features innovative workforce programs.

The Aerospace Cluster is taking practical steps to ensure a qualified future workforce by linking industry-specific training to advanced manufacturing – thus ensuring portable skills and a range of employment opportunities for individuals in this industry.

Drew Casani, Director
Texas Manufacturing Assistance Center

H-1B Technical Skills Grants Awarded in North Texas Region

  Training, Education and Outreach

The Aerospace/Manufacturing cluster offers the following training opportunities through Tarrant County College and the Community Learning Center

  • Composite Bonding
  • Aerospace Manufacturing Training Program (AMTP)
  • Aircraft Assembly Classes
  • Welding
  • Conventional Machinist
  • CNC Machinist
  • Manufacturing Skills Standards Council (MSSC) National Certification Program
  • Aviation Maintenance Technology
  • Avionics Technology

The cluster offers the following industry-supported science, technology, engineering, and math programs:

  • Project Lead the Way (PLTW) – nationally recognized pre-engineering program
  • PLTW Scholarships
  • Industry mentoring programs
  • Engineers in the Classroom using hands-on curriculum
  • Robotics and Engineering Competitions Ignite – a project-based rocket program that includes science credit
  • Bell Helicopter Summer Intern Program for Teachers

The cluster also engages in outreach efforts that target students, parents, teachers, counselors, and industry members through such venues and events as the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), career days, Engineering Week, college nights, career fairs, parent-teacher organizations, classroom presentations, teacher in-service trainings, summer camps at Tarrant County College and the University of Texas at Arlington, and social media such as Facebook and YouTube.

The "Gotta Jet?" career awareness program was the first to reach students and their parents with a clear and concise message through a student-friendly brochure and companion DVD. Using the same model and implementation strategy, the "Gotta Make It" brochure and DVD were created. The "Gotta Jet?" program created 40,587 brochures and 5,125 DVDs, and reached 24,452 individuals at 146 schools. The "Gotta Make It" program created 6,000 brochures and 1,600 DVDs, and reached 7,000 individuals.

Planned Future Activities


  • Offer on-the-job training for engineers: Workforce Solutions for Tarrant County was awarded a $5 million four-year H-1B Technical Skills Training grant in October 2011. This grant will enable companies to hire four year-degreed engineers or IT staff in this country that need additional on-the-job training to meet job requirements. Next year's RWLC Annual Report will update the progress of this grant in its first year.
  • Conduct the workshop How an Industry Curriculum Landed in Career Technology Programs by Building Working Relationships with CTE Directors and Industry at the Texas Workforce Commission's 15th Annual State Conference in Houston.
  • Revisit the original 2003 Strategic Plan, which has served as the basis for the previous Cluster successes. Projects such as the creation of the "Gotta Jet?" awareness materials for students and their parents and Aerospace Manufacturing Training Program (AMTP) that was transitioned into area CTE programs are examples of the strategic plan's guidance. The Cluster members will be carefully reviewing the strategic plan to ensure the focus remains on the present and future workforce needs for the DFW area.

Since 2003, Bell Helicopter, Lockheed Martin and Vought Aircraft Industries have led the Aerospace Cluster with a focus on the current and future workforce. The companies have been instrumental in the creation of the “Gotta Jet?” career awareness program for students and their parents as well as the development of a common entry-level training program for future employees. With the support of the Arlington and Fort Worth chambers, Workforce Solutions for Tarrant County, the Texas Manufacturing Assistance Center and Hillwood Properties, the Cluster continues to make important contributions to the North Texas region. As one of the key industries for the region, aerospace manufacturing employs workers in over 75 companies, and promotion and training programs developed by the Aerospace Cluster will ensure that there is a pipeline of future employees for years to come.